Updated: 3 October, 2015

Check out the catering menu [3 Oct 2015]
Want to know what Alan and his team are cooking up? Go here.

Buses are nearly full [25 Sept 2015]
You can have a gander at who else has signed up for the event here.

Competitor information pack available [25 Sept 2015]
Check it out here.

Transport finding service now available [19 Sept2015]
Need a lift? Try to get one here.

Bus details are available now [21 July 2015]
Bus details are here.

Check out the competition [21 July 2015]
You can have a gander at who else has signed up for the event here.

Partner finding service open [11 July 2015]
If you're keen to enter but don't have a partner, advertise yourself! Conversely, if you're *looking* for a partner, have a look to see if there's anyone on offer...[Partner finder]

The course is set and vet (setted and vetted?) [11 July 2015]
All the flags are now decided upon, checkpoint values allocated and the course vetted. It's looking like a humdinger! As we speak, the map is being polished off and shoudl be done very soon.

Entries now open! [15 May 2015]
Enter here - and then get that compass polished up!

Course setting has begun! [5 Feb 2015]
Gill, Jess Baker and Robin and Ian Cameron were out exploring the course over the Australia Day long weekend. They have already set a wide selection of sumptuous checkpoints for you to find, but there is still more to come...

First course setting soon... [7 Jan 2015]
Gill and Jess will be getting out on the course over the January long weekend for a major recce and perhaps even to start hanging the all important tape.