Updated: 16 October, 2015

You can download a copy of the final event map if you so wish, for your personal viewing pleasure.

EMBARGO: The area under embargo for ARC2015 is the Capertee National Park and Mugii Murum-ban State Conservation area (John Anderson has told us that the latter area is named after a Wiradjuri elder, Charles Riley: Mugii being his Wiradjuri name and Murum-ban meaning eldest son in the Wiradjuri language). The event area is bounded by Glen Davis Rd to the south, the railway line to the west, and private properties to the east and north.

The event will be held on great rogaining country about 4-4.5 hours west of central Sydney (perhaps slightly longer on a Friday night). Check out the info pack for more details.

The course will offer great variety for all: open bushland, scenic creeks and river flats and magical vistas. There are rolling hills and - of course - one or two steeper hills (it wouldn't be a NSW rogaine without one).

If you're not aiming for the pointy end of the competition, you may get distracted at a swimming hole, and you are sure to spot some wildlife (kangaroos, wombats, pigs, more birds than you can poke a stick at and maybe even an echidna).